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Data papers?

Some of the advantages of Data papers

Greater visibility of the data

Your data may support new analyses and generate new articles, in areas of knowledge related or not to your own.

More reliable data

Participate in new researches, interact with other researchers. Who better than you to help analyze the data you have collected.

Academic credit

All data collection efforts merit recognition by the scientific community. Make sure this work is recognized.

More partnerships

A large number of master's and doctoral papers never generate articles, reducing their rates in front of peer review agencies. 

A data paper is a scientific publication whose main purpose is to describe a set of data. A data paper is structured by facts about data, without hypotheses, analysis, results, and conclusions, as found in a conventional article.

Structure of a Data paper

Data papers are composed of specific fields, the metadata, which help in characterizing and extending the dissemination of the data described.

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